18 Adorable Sheepdogs Dog Breed Information and characteristics


Do you remember the Shaggy Dog movies with Fred McMurray? If you are old enough to remember, you already have a mental picture of an Old English Sheepdog. And “shaggy” is the perfect descriptor. His very long fur covers not only his body but also his face and eyes.

This kind of Sheep dog or Sheepdog, which is generally known as any dog breed developed to herd sheep, is among numerous genres of sheepdogs. Let’s find out the eighteenth genre of sheepdogs together!

1- Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs

Old English Sheepdogs have a shaggy fluffy coat with a warmer undercoat. They are born tailless or have the tail amputated at a young age. They have an unusual topline which rises up from the withers to the loin. This breed can either have brown or blue eyes or one of each. This sort of Sheepdogs comes in gray, blue, blue merle often with white markings.

AKC GroupWeightHeightLife Span
HerdingMale: 70-90 lbs.
Female: 60-80 lbs.
Male: 22 in.
Female: 21 in.
10-12 yrs.
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