How do I show my dog that I love him?


All dog owners have an affection for their animals. However, new dog owners may be confused and unable to express their love for their dog.

There are so much choice and a lot of wrong information about it that you ultimately act on intuition. You may think it is a simple task: food, water, and shelter are all he needs to be happy.

This is not entirely true. Dogs should know that “their family” loves them unconditionally.
Here are some simple and effective ways to show your beloved dog that you love him.

Let him practice

If your dog needs to go outside and get some fresh air, don’t hesitate to let him walk outside. You will know that he wants to go out when he enters your, stands at the door, etc. Sometimes it can be screaming, scratching, and barking to show you that you need to exercise outside.

Pet your dog

If he puts his head on your lap, you scratch behind your ears. Dogs just want to be loved. They like to scratch their necks and stomachs. Dog massage is one of the best ways to show affection to your dog.

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